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Winnebago County Animal Services focuses on rabies control, pet population control, animal bite reports, pet adoption and fostering, and state and local animal ordinance enforcement. Rabies control is accomplished through pet registration and aggressive education and enforcement of rabies vaccination. To help further control the pet population, WCAS offers a year-round spay and neuter assistance program for low-income individuals. Animal Services shelters and cares for over 8,000 stray, abandoned, injured and unwanted animals every year. A veterinarian oversees the care, sanitation, and preventive health care for the animals housed at the shelter. We are able to facilitate adoptions on and offsite. Thanks to our volunteers, rescue groups, and fostering parents, we are also able to increase the number of pets available for adoption to our community. Our Animal Service Officers provide excellent service 24 hours a day by enforcing the state and local animal ordinances.

To learn more about our services and offerings visit the Animal Services Website.

A  respected community resource providing leadership in and awareness of:

  • responsible pet ownership
  • animal health and welfare
  • rabies control and public safety
  • compliance with laws and ordinances.

 We accomplish our vision by:

  • working in compliance with state laws, local laws and municipal agreements
  • cooperation with the Veterinary Association and other animal associations
  • advancing community and staff education
  • overseeing the protection, welfare and adoption of animals

Contact Us

4517 N. Main Street
Rockford, IL 61103

Customer Service Representatives, Monday through Friday: 815-319-4100.

Animal Officers, 24/7: 815-319-4100
Fax: 815-319-4101

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