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From the Desk of Chairman Frank Haney

Chairman's ACT Initiative

Realign local government to better serve taxpayers in the 21st Century through professionalization and best practice.  The ACT Initiative outlines a number of topics on which I will report progress to the community during my first year in office.  

Goal for Winnebago County

Become the most accountable, collaborative, and transparent unit of government in the State of Illinois.

Goal for Local Government

Better serve taxpayers in the 21st Century through alignment of values and strategy.


We will be accountable to taxpayers through a commitment to high ethical and professional standards, a focus on outcomes, as well as sustainable budgeting.


We will be collaborative with other public entities as well as with internal partners inside Winnebago County government, especially when it comes to exploration of consolidation, functional consolidation, resource sharing, joint purchasing, etc.  

We will respect autonomy; however, we can no longer hide behind our silos and patches of turf. We must work together as a team of public entities and look at the whole playing field. 


We will be transparent in communication with internal partners, County Board, and the community at a level considered best practice. 

We will build trust through transparency.  

To view the full 19 points of the ACT Initiative click here.

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