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"Knock Out Crime" represents a cooperative crime prevention initiative started in Winnebago County. From our local law enforcement and criminal justice community, to our neighborhood watch groups and everyday citizens, it's going to take all of us working together to create a safer community.

Combining forces, we can improve the overall quality of life in Winnebago County. A plan is in place, and steps have already been taken to start dealing with the crime-related issues before us.

Starting with a Public Safety Summit in early 2013, our local police, sheriff, and county convened to discuss how to combat crime. Out of that meeting, 11 key action items were put in place for public safety in Winnebago County. Through cooperative policing and best practices, our local criminal justice leaders, law enforcement agencies and elected officials are dedicated and determined to KNOCK OUT CRIME for safer streets.

How can you get involved?  Get involved in your Neighborhood Watch Group or Crimestoppers  to report suspicious activity!  

Click Here to view a list of Neighborhood Watch Groups

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